Adult Child Interaction (ACI) Strategies

This method provides opportunities for adults to model language in a natural way across lots of different environments e.g. play, continuous provision. 

  • During continuous provision join a child’s play and follow their lead
  • Be face to face: this shows that you are listening and interested in what they are saying, it also makes it easier to model language as they can see your face and mouth
  • Comment on what they are doing: this reduces pressure to talk, gives models of language as they experience it. Talk about the toys they are playing with and what they are doing e.g. “teddy is running” “little teddy is hiding”
  • Extend what they say: repeat back what they say correctly, adding one or two extra words- give slight emphasis to words you want them to listen to e.g.

Child: “Tom falled!”

Adult: “Yes, Tom fell in the puddle

Child: “Car”

Adult: “big car, big red car”

  • Wait for them to have a go: give the child time to talk and express their interest and feelings
  • Simple language: this makes it easier for the child to understand and makes sure you model language at the appropriate level. It also means that they can hear the sounds in words clearly and so they can focus on the target word.

See below for a video demonstrating the strategies listed above.