Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)


Developmental Language Disorder, also known as DLD, is a type of speech, language and communication need (SLCN) that affects the way that children or adults understand and use language. 


There is no known cause for DLD and it is not caused by other medical conditions such as sensory hearing loss, Autism Specturm Condition, severe learning difficulties or genetic conditions e.g. Down Syndrome.


DLD is a hidden disability and often goes undiagnosed. It affects roughly 2 children in every classroom, impacting on literacy, learning, friendships and emotional well-being.


DLD 1- 2- 3

(video created by RADL)

Living with DLD as a Teenager

Why is language important for mental health

This video explores the impact DLD has on emotional wellbeing and behaviour.

Click the image above to open our   DLD Handout made in partnership   with Salford Council.

Join us and people from around the  world on the 14th October to help spread awareness of DLD. Click the image  above to find out how you can get involved.

I CAN have lots of useful resources to support DLD in an educational setting. Click on the image to visit their website for guides, webinars and more.