2 - 3 Years



  • Understanding of words and phrases grows quickly during this time. Children of this age understand between 200-500 words. 
  • Uses "no" or "not" in phrases
  • Refers to past/future events
  • Asks questions e.g. "what's that?"
  • Can pick out objects by function e.g. "which one do we drink from?"
  • Uses Pronouns "I", "me" and "you"
  • Uses descriptive concepts, e.g. big/little.

Common speech sounds being used at the age of 3 years: m, n, h, p, ng, w, d, t, y, b, g, k, f. 

  • Making errors with speech sounds is common at the age of 2 as children get used to hearing and attempting to use words. 

Caregiving behaviours that support the milestone.

  • Continue doing the activities above and build on children’s talk, e.g. Child: “Dog!”, adult: “Yes, a big dog”.
  • Tap out the beat to songs and rhymes.
  • When playing with your child, give a running commentary on what they are doing, using action words, describing words, position words and feelings as well as object words.
  • Engage in conversations about feelings and important memories.
  • Encourage the child to talk about the future and anticipate events
Adapted from: EIF Early Intervention Framework with Input from National Literacy Trust and Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists