Speech Sound videos


Many children find it difficult to make sounds correctly and it can sometimes make their talking tricky to understand.


Below are some common sounds that your child/pupil may find difficult to make. 


These clips will support any work that your child/ pupil is already receiving from a Speech and Language Therapist.


It is important to follow their guidance so please get in touch with your Speech and Language Therapist if you want to chat about the videos.


Please note that the visuals used in the videos are just an example, it is important to use any visuals following the phonics system your child is familiar with from school.


We hope that these videos are helpful reminders of how to support your child/ pupil with their speech sounds.







Phonological Awareness

Steps To Developing Speech Sounds


For a child to be able to use a sound when talking, they need to first have an awareness of the sound, and be able to produce it at a variety of levels.