Places to Visit



"Pop into your local Salford library and take a look at what is on offer for babies and young children. Joining the library is free and there are lots of books and other resources available to share with your child."


There are fun activities that you can do at the libary such as:


Story-rhyme times

Bring your baby or toddler to a story-rhymetime, baby-rhymetime or stay and play session. It's free and a great way to introduce your baby or toddler to the world of books and music. Everyone welcome. Follow the link for more information-



Bookstart gifts for your baby! 

Has your baby received their free book pack? Get started sharing stories and rhymes! If your child is aged 4 – 12 months and has not received their pack from your health visitor you can pick one up from any Salford library. Follow the link for more information-


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Dad Matters

Dads play a vital role in their children's lives and Speech, Language and Communication development.

Children really benefit from dads who spend time playing, talking and caring for them.

Please follow the link below to be taken to the Dad Matters page for a list of activities and groups for Dads on offer in Salford-