Speech, Language & Communication  in Salford

Salford Speech and Language Therapy Services for children are provided by the Salford Care Organisation, part of the Northern Care Alliance.

Learning to talk is one of the most important skills in a child’s development. Children with good communication skills find it easier to make friends, learn in school and achieve as adults.


Communication is central to everything we do.  It affects how we learn and how we interact with other people at home, school, and at work.  

Children with good speech, language and communication skills find it easier to:-


  • learn in school
  • develop friendships
  • and find employments as adults.

Communcation development begins at birth as babies communicate their needs through crying and facial expression.

As they get older, children develop friendships with other children through talking and playing together.  

They learn about their world by listening to other children and adults and by talking about what they see and what they are doing.

Children develop imaginative play through talking and sharing ideas for example when they decide to dress up as pirates and use old cardboard boxes as the pirate ship.

Children who have developed good speaking and listening skills often find it easier to learn to read and write.