How to Help Your Baby's/ Child's Speech, Language and Communication Skills


We all know that babies develop at diffferent rates but there are some milestones to be aware of.


Click on your baby's/child's age to see what they should be doing and some ideas of how you can help them.


0-6 months

6- 12 months

1-2 years 

2-3 years

3-4 years 

4-5 years


Language screening using 'WellComm' 

In Salford we offer screening of children at 2 years, 3 years and in some areas 18 months, to make sure children are on track to develop their language skills. This may be offered by one of the Community Nursery Nurses from your local the 0-19 team (previously known as either the Health Visiting or School Nursing service); the Early Help Practitioners from your local Family Hub or by your childcare provider. 

We encourage parents to take up this screening if offered as it will provide you with useful advice specific to your child. 

Following screening you may be offered one of the following options if your child needs a little help developing their communication skills:

  • Activities to do at home;
  • An invitation to one of our Talking Tots groups at your local children's centre run by one of our skilled Communication Development Workers;
  • Referral into the Speech and Language Therapy service.



Starting Life Well Service

Offers advice and support to parents of young children who wish to access funded daycare or support from our team of professionals click here for more information. 



The Early Years team have produced some advice leaflets here and we have a new activity every month for children aged 18 months-5 years here.