Due to COVID-19 restrictions you may be offered a Teletherapy session instead of a face to face appointment. This means your clinician can complete a appointment with your child using a video call at home. 


Please watch the video below for information about video appointments at home.


Completing video appointments from home is a new and very different experience for you and your child. Your clinician will guide you through this and be there to support you, should you have any questions.


Your clinician will explain what will happen during the appointment and what you need to do. This might include things such as asking questions to you and your child, assessment of your child's abilities and activties.


We will be using AccuRx Fleming to make video calls. This is a NHS approved video appointment programme. It does not store any personal information, making it safe for you to use at home.

Easy read Teletherapy guides

Please download our 'easy read' theletherapy guides to help set up a video call at home.


Teletherapy guide for computer, laptop or iPad/tablet


Teletherapy guide for smart phones