Supporting behaviour at home


COVID- 19 has caused big changes in our lives and disrupted our daily routines. This can cause anxiety for some children and young people, especially those with mental health difficulties, learning disabilities and Autism.


Behaviour and mental health at home

Follow the links for further information about how to support behaviour and mental health at home during social isolation.


Creating strucutre at home

Visual timetables help children understand daily routine as well as what is coming next. Children with language and communication difficulties can find it difficult when there are sudden and quick changes to what is happening.


Please download our visual timetable information pack pdf. complete with resources to set up your own at home!


Understanding social distancing

It can be difficult for children and young people to understand why they are no longer able to do the things they used to do and see the people they used to see.


We've added some simplified resources to help children and young people understand why social distancing is happening and why it is so important.


  • My name is Coronavirus pdf. - This child friendly explanation of Coronavirus includes illustrated information about  the virus, how it spreads, what it does and supports conversation about how Coronavirus is making your child/young person feel.
  • Social Contact pdf. - This story by 'Elsa- Support' uses pictures as well as simple language to explan the importance of social distancing and how we can do this safely.
  • Our school is closing for a while pdf. - This story by 'Elsa- Support' uses pictures as well as simple language to explain why schools are closed duirng Coronavirus