How to train to become a Speech and Language Therapist

If you’re considering training to be a Speech and Language Therapist you should have an interest in communication and communication disorders.  You will need to demonstrate that you are a good team worker and that you have good verbal and written communication skills.

All Speech and Language Therapists must complete a recognised 3 or 4 year degree course and register with the Health Professions Council before they are able to practice.

For further information please visit the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists website-

There are a number of universities in the North of England that offer a speech and language therapy course.  These courses take between 3 and 4 years.

The University of Manchester – 4 years full time
Manchester Metropolitan University - 3.5 years full time
University of Sheffield – 4 years full time
Leeds Metropolitan University – 3 years full time.

The different universities ask for specific qualifications, which include A-levels.  However, other qualifications, for example AVCE or BTEC and Access courses (e.g. Access to Health), may also be considered. For more specific information contact the university admissions officer.

It is not possible for all speech and language therapy service providers to offer work experience for applicants, therefore this is NOT a requirement.  However, you should demonstrate insight into the relevance of your own particular skills and life experiences. Practical experience with individuals with communication or swallowing difficulties is useful, e.g. working in a school, hospital or nursing home.

Half day sessions, organised by the universities, are available for people interested in becoming a Speech and Language Therapist. 

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