Online Training Resources 


  • Studio 3- Training Systems and Psychological Services are offering free online webinars. Studio 3 will be hosting a free webinar every Tuesday at 3pm UK Time on a series of topics from a range of speakers. These will be hour long live presentations with an hour of discussion in response to questions posted during the presentation. Example topics include- Using Low Arousal Approaches in Learning Environments. Resources, including PowerPoints and recordings of the live sessions, will be posted on their website shortly after the session has been broadcast. Past sessions are shown in red, and future sessions in green.

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  • Communication Trust- This is a free, half day e-learning course available from The Communication Trust. It covers speech, language and communication development across all the different education phases – early years, primary, secondary and further education – so you can choose the pathway most relevant to you.


  • Speech, Language and Communication FrameworkThe Communication Trust has also developed the Speech, Language & Communication Framework, a free professional development tool which sets out the key skills needed to support the speech, language and communication development of all children and young people. This allows you to map out your skills, knowledge and confidence and offers suggestions for next steps in continuing professional development (CPD) including training courses, reading and resources

  • 'Word Aware'- Word aware are hosting online training on 19th June 2020. Word Aware is a structured whole school approach to promote the vocabulary development of all children. Focussed on whole class learning, the resource is of particular value for those who start at a disadvantage – including children with Developmental Language Disorder, Special Educational Needs and those who speak English as an additional language, but it will extend the word learning of all students. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​