If you are concerned about your child's language development we have a varitey of ways you can access support.


Please contact our helpline: 0161 206 2509 for general support and advice during this time.


You could also contact us directly via the Speak Up Salford e-mail at speakup.salford@srft.nhs.uk


You can speak to your child's 0-19 team, setting or GP and ask them to request support on your behalf.


Follow the link below to view how a child's speech and language skills typically develops. Doing this before contacting our helpline may help us understand what areas you are concerned about- https://ican.org.uk/i-cans-talking-point/parents/ages-and-stages/



Feeding and Swallowing Difficulties

Many Speech and Language Therapists are trained to assess, diagnose and treat children's feeding and swallowing difficulties, as well as their communication skills.


The infant and toddler forum website has some information around feeding development stages. You can access the site here.


Health professionals advocate introducing weaning at 6 months of age in line with World Health Organisation guidelines.


Request for Support form- Feeding and swallowing difficulties.