Parents/ Carers role in supporting speech, language and communication

Developing speech and language skills takes time and effort.  For Speech and Language Therapy  to be effective it is essential that we all work together.

Speech and Language Therapists will support children and their families to acquire new skills but all the things you do with your child every day will make the most difference. 

We can give you guidance and advice to help support you with these everyday opportunities to develop your child's communication.

The things you can regularly do to help support your child's communication:

  • Manage screen time
  • Make time for talking - meal times are a good time for this. 
  • Spend time doing activities together.
  • Give your child opportunities to experience new things and hear new words.
  • Talk at a level your child might understand and explain new things.
General strategies and advice

Click the image below to see a variety of resources we have gathered with general ideas and activities to support language and communication for children, teenagers and young people. We have tried to check the content and have used recognised and reputable sources of information, as far as we are aware.