Calling All Dads!

Sometimes, Dads may feel overlooked when it comes to talking about childhood development.


But Dad is just as important as Mum. Dads play a vital role in developing thinking skills, language, communication and much more!


This is why we have dedicated a page to all things 'Dad'. 



Tiny Happy People Introduces- 'Dad Life'

Click on the picture to be taken to 'Dad Life' where you will find lots of information and videos with ideas on how Dads can develop their child's communication.



Rough-and-tumble play

Dads often play differently with children and one big difference is 'rough-housing'.


Research has shown that this type of play isn't just great for exercise and developing a father-child bond, it also helps develop social interaction skills, emotional regulation and problem solving-

Here are some easy to follow rules to make sure your play is

safe AND fun


1. Safety first- be aware of your surroundings and keep away from objects that might hurt you or your child- it's also a good idea to have clear ground rules e.g. when I say 'stop' we stop, being aware of play becoming aggressive


2. Avoid rough-housing before bed- it can make children too energetic and we want them to be relaxed before going to sleep


3. Narrate as you play- talking about what is happening as you play gives your child lots of opportunties to hear words and link the meaning of the word to what is happening


4. Rough-housing is for girls too!



Dad Matters- Salford

Dads play a vital role in their children's lives and Speech, Language and Communication development.


Children really benefit from dads who spend quality time playing, talking and caring for them.


'Dad Matters' is a project in Greater Manchester to help Dads do just that. They aim to support successful relationships within families, and dads with anxiety, stress and mental health issues.


Twitter: @dad_matters 



A short animation has been produced to encourage dads to talk to and communicate with their child from birth.


Commissioned by Greater Manchester Combined Authority and delivered by social enterprise Unlimited Potential, the Speaking Dadly project explored how dads can best be supported and encouraged to help their child develop their speech, language and communication skills from an early age.


Click the link below to find more information:


Speaking Dadly - Greater Manchester Combined Authority (

Click on the pictures for podcasts, specially made for Dads.

Podcast discovering how pregnancy, birth and childcare affect fathers.

Tiny happy people- Dad life: 'To Paternity and Beyond' are a series of short videos explaining how Dads can support early Communication.


'Autism Dad' is a podcast following the life and experiences of a single dad and his 3 children with ASD


Podcast series exploring Autism

This podcast discusses being a Bilingual father