Family wellbeing

 When staying at home more than you usually would, it might feel more difficult to take care of your mental health and wellbeing. Our mental wellbeing has a direct impact on our children's mental wellebing.


Our new normal requires us to think of new ways to keep healthy in mind and bodies. Here are EdStart's five steps to positive mental wellbeing to practice as a family:



Ensure children stay connected with their friends and family. 

Be active

Put an hour aside a day for physical activity. If it's dry go outside and have a kick-about. Eat well and drink lots of water.

Take notice

Be present. Chat to your children about their feelings and emotions. There's a lot of uncertainty going on around the world. Talk about those, but keep perspective and take information from reliable sources - government and public health, not social media and rumours.

Keep learning

You've got time with the children - learn a new hobby, start learning a new instrument, read together, read alone, bake - anything to help stimulate the brain. Do challenges. EdStart will be releasing its own online for people to tackle.


Encourage kindness and encourage children to share - give time at the end of each day and get the kids to think about things that people have done that have been nice and be thankful of that. 



Meditation helps to reduce anxiety and relieve stress.

Why not try following 'Guided Meditation for Children' as a family using the video below.


Useful links

For further support and advice about mindfulness and wellbeing during this time follow the links below

Activities and information

Below you will find a lot of resources for young people that may help you during this unusual time.


Click on the pictures to be taken to the sites. 


Mindfulness for Everyone 

*free membership for NHS and teachers

Have a go making a 'Future plans jar' to make sure you still have things to look forwards to!