7-11 Years


Understanding things and talking:

  • New words can be tricky to learn, remember and say. Click here to see how you can make this easier!
  • Click here to see a word map to help learn new words. 
  • It can be tricky to read a story and understand everything that is happening. Click here to see how you can make this easier! 
  • Understanding stories and text will help you with your SATs. Click here to see how you can look for clues in stories to help you understand.
  • Talking and writing in sentences help people understand what you are saying. Click here to see how you can make clear sentences.
  • To write a story we need to think of who was in it, where and when it happened and what happened. Click here for a handy table to plan what you want to say.

Developmental Language Disorder:

  • What is Development Language Disorder (DLD)? Click here to watch a video explaining what DLD is.
  • Have you heard of Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)? Eddie & Dyls (9yrs) find out about DLD 1-2-3! Click here to watch more. The video has been created charity RADLD. 


​​​​​​​Making Friends:


  • Click here to see handy tips to help you survive your SATs and get ready for exams.
  • Click here for help revising different subjects



  • Click here for information and advice about bullying




Local Initiatives

Early Years Initiatives

Our Early years team are currently working together with the Assosciation of Greater Manchester Authorities, this includes a rollout of language screening of children using Wellcomm tool.

School Age Initiatives

This is an area currently under development. There are a number of exciting developments to look forward to in the upcoming months in regards to how we work in schools.


 Enhanced Services initiatives

The Enhanced Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) Service offer bought-in input in schools. This might involve universal input, 1:1/ group interventions for  along with supporting schools and staff to develop communication friendly environments and delivering training. For further information, please contact Fiona Taylor – fiona.taylor@srft.nhs.uk


I have found working with the speech therapist very beneficial. She helps me to set achievable goals for the children by coming into the nursery and interacting with the children and getting to know them. She talks to us on a regular basis and updates us on what targets she would like the children to achieve next. She teaches us new strategies to use with the children which we find really useful, we try to incorporate this into everyday activities. Parent’s often comment on how much they appreciate the advice from our therapist. They also comment on how much progress their children have made since visiting her. We don’t know what we would do without her!

Anneka Williamson, Children’s Centre Practitioner

“It brought different activities to his usual routine which he enjoyed and encouraged him to participate”


“I have two children who are supported by the speech and language therapy service. The therapists have lots of patience with my children. Both Christipher and Marcus have come on a lot. Marcus now has lots more confidence and he talks much more in the classroom. Christipher isn’t as stressed anymore, his therapist has taught me exactly what to do. If I need any help, she is very easy to approach. Before I try new things with Christipher I can check with her first. The therapist knows him very well. She has worked wonders with him. Without her, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

Nicola, Mum of Christipher and Marcus

"My son Lewis has been attending speech and language for a few years. He has come on briliantly and is more confident. His speech is so much clearer now. He also enjoys the sessions. Jean gives me loads of ideas about how to continue helping him at home. He gets work sheets to take home which also he enjoys doing. Lewis has a short attention span and can find it difficult to concentrate for long, but Jean makes it very interesting for Lewis and different every session."

Tracy, Lewis

"I am Megan’s mum. Megan was identified as having speech and language difficulties when she was at primary school. Since this time she has been supported by the Education Inclusion Service Speech and Language team. This has made a huge difference to the development of Megan’s speech and language. Not only do they support Meg, they also support the staff at the school in delivering the programmes that Megan needs. The team are also there to answer any questions that I may have and will send us regular information on Megan’s target’s, what they are and if she has achieved them. Megan enjoys the sessions that she attends at school and they are delivered at times that try not to impact too greatly on her daily school life."

Hayley Robinson, Megan

EPs and SALT frequently work together during Multi agency meetings to Clarify individual concerns and strengths. We develop joint objectives, that are regularly reviewed And evaluated to improve outcomes for children and YP. Parents and teachers comment that this work is effective and helps to increase their Understanding and knowledge. Jointly we increase schools capacity, through conversations and training, to meet the needs of their pupils.

Joanne Snee- Educational Psychologist

“I couldn't be happier Grayson has come on so much in these 6 weeks. It has helped 100%. Thank you so much”

Parent of Grayson